Is There a Way to Protect Myself From Osteoporosis?

The International Osteoporosis Foundation says osteoporosis affects about 200 million women worldwide. This unfortunate condition osteoporosis causes about 8.9 million fractures a year and occurs mainly in women over the age of 50. Learning to protect yourself from osteoporosis can help you lead a normal and healthy life. Find out more about osteoporosis with Dr. Mark Fisher in Haddon Heights, NJ.

What is osteoporosis? 
Osteoporosis is a medical condition affecting the bones. When a patient suffers from osteoporosis, the bones become brittle and easily broken. The hip, spine and wrist are most prone to osteoporosis development. Additionally, women are more at risk for the condition than men though both sexes can develop it. Older individuals are also more prone to osteoporosis than younger people.

Do I have osteoporosis? 
Osteoporosis does not normally produce symptoms in its earliest stages. As the disease progresses, you may begin experiencing a more stooped posture, shrinking or loss of height, and back pain. You may also notice that your bones fracture much more easily. If you believe you are suffering from osteoporosis, you should consult with Dr. Fisher as soon as possible to prevent further injuries.

Protecting Yourself from Osteoporosis in Haddon Heights, NJ 
Preventing osteoporosis begins early in your life by committing to a healthy and active lifestyle. Your diet should be high in calcium and you should avoid smoking and heavy drinking. It is never too late to begin leading a healthier and more active lifestyle in order to prevent osteoporosis. If you have already developed the condition, you may find exercise will help strengthen your body to help prevent fractures. Your doctor can help you determine the best course of action to either protect yourself from or live with osteoporosis. There are very effective medications available both orally and by injection to reduce bone loss and the risks of fractures.

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